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Bethel Church

We love to celebrate and have fun at Bethel!  Some special events we host throughout the year include Children's Day, Worship in the Sunflowers, Baptisms, Carry-in meals and more!  


Children's Day... typically held early summer and is a time to celebrate the young people of our church!  This is a Sunday morning service usually held at a location away from church, recently being at the Inman Community building and park.  Each Sunday school class is given the opportunity to give a "presentation" of sorts.  From singing songs to reciting Bible verses to sharing a skit or anything they choose.  
We all enjoy a meal together and then have an afternoon of fun and games!  

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Worship in the Sunflowers...

...takes place around the beginning of September when the sunflowers are beautiful and reminds us of God's glories all around us.  This event has been held at Kansas Maze.  We enjoy our Sunday morning worship service outside with the beauty of the sunflowers before us.  Afterwards we enjoy a meal together and another afternoon of fun and games!  All are welcome!  

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Pebble Stone Beach

...are held when a person is ready to outwardly show their commitment to Jesus Christ.  At Bethel church we believe that anyone who claims Jesus as their personal Savior can choose to be baptized no matter the age.  We have held these baptisms at a variety of places, but most recently at Inman Lake, just northeast of Inman.  


Carry-in Meals...

...are a tradition at Bethel!  We love to gather with each other and share some delicious home-cooked food!  These meals typically fall on 5th Sundays and special occasions.  

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