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Our Staff

Bob Yates

Bob Yates.JPEG

Lead Pastor

Pastor Bob has been the Lead Pastor at Bethel Church since July, 2012.  Prior to coming to Bethel Church, Bob spent thirteen years in different ministry roles both in Kansas and Ohio.  Bob has been married to his wife, Laurie, for over 42 years.  They are parents to 2 sons and grandparents to 9 grandchildren.

Pastor Bob's favorite hobby is snorkeling...and it is no secret that he does not like cold weather.  Another fun fact...he has swam with sharks!  

"Bethel Church has been a blessing to my wife and I...and together with the church, we have a shared passion for reaching others for Christ."


Bev Regehr

Youth Director

Bev has been in her current role as Youth Director since May of 2017.  Bev and her husband Wayne have been married for 41 years and they have a wonderful family.  They have two daughters, 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.  With one family living in Atlanta there are many flights down South.  One of Bev's favorite hobbies is horse showing with her daughter and granddaughter.

Fun fact about Bev...she has been ministering with the people in Ethiopia for 13 years so far and is loving it!

When asked why Bev calls Bethel Church home,  she replies, "Bethel was Wayne's family church and after we were married it has been our church family too."


Kim Pankratz

Office Secretary

Kim has served in her role as church secretary for the past 18 years. Kim and her husband Jerry have been married over 38 years and they have a growing family.  They have 4 children (two of whom were married within months of each other) and 3 grandchildren.  The grandchildren are a source of excitement, joy & love with many visits to see them just a few hours away.  They also have a 40 foot motor home which they use to travel across the country.


Fun fact about Kim...over 25 years ago she used to drag racecars at Great Bend Speedway.


Why does Kim call Bethel Church home? 

"I grew up here at Bethel.  The people who attend here are very friendly and welcoming."


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